DS Doll EVOLUTION 167cm New In Luna With S Level Make Up


This is a low weight sex doll


The DS Doll Evolution New Luna Face is here at Cloud Climax with S Level Make Up.

Based upon the existing 167cm flagship DS Doll body, the EVOLUTION is going be the ultimate in the DS Dolls and EX Doll Range.

You can see more information about the new DS Doll Evolution here.

  • The Hands have been modified with more knuckle lines and to be a more realistic relative size.
  • There is an increase in the skin texture to give a more real feel.
  • The doll has been redesigned with a fixed vagina for an ultra-realism look
  • The Collar Bones have been reduced in size giving a more true-to-life look.
  • The Spine, Vertebrae and Shoulder Blades have been reset into a more authentic human body representation.
  • The feet have had a special coating to make them look natural.

This is a new face from DS Dolls.

Her head circumference is 53cm, length is 22cm, head weight is 1.7kg and eyes are 24mm. Measurements are a guide and may depart from the actual size.

There is only one skin colour available which is matching with the product images, similar to the new cream skintone.

She is 167cm tall

You are able to Choose between:

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or Purple

Wig: Black Short, Black Long, Brown Short, Brown Long.

DS Dolls Evolution dimensions

DS Dolls Evolution

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We want your doll to be perfect for you so therefore good time is taken in the manufacturing process to make her absolutely 100% amazing.

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