Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who runs this website?

This site is owned by Cloud Enterprises, who are the Authorised Flagship UK and Europe Reseller of DS Dolls and EX Doll products. You can order a larger range of DS Doll and EX Doll products from Cloud Climax UK and Cloud Climax Worldwide.

Is the Robotic Doll available now?

The first generation of the DS Robotic Doll is due to be released soon. Cloud Climax will be selling them upon release and you can also preorder by placing a deposit now.

The First Generation is a Robotic Head that will sit upon a regular silicone doll body.

What can I actually buy now?

Currently, there are 21 different silicone female faces to choose from for 158cm-167cm tall dolls, which are the Silicone Dolls Cloud Climax sell in the UK and Europe, as the Official Distributor and Reseller. There are also two male faces. All the current heads are being updated to “Studio Level Make Up” as part of a new innovative process that has been developed to ensure an even more realistic look for DS Dolls.

The Current silicone doll bodies that are available are all going to be updated with weight reduction. The 167cm body, which is the flagship of the range, has already had 6kg taken off due to amazing skeleton upgrades. What was 38kg is now 32kg, which is a low weight for such a high quality 5 foot 6 inch silicone doll.

What other development is there going on at the moment?

The latest S Level make up dolls are Sharon, Tyra, Snowy, Kayla, Serena and Yolanda. These new dolls can be seen on both and

The new Evo Doll has just been released which is the ideal body to consider buying to compliment your Robotic Head.

There are several other projects ongoing and information will be released about these prior to product release dates.

Do I have to buy the head on it’s own?

The head can be bought on its own, or it can be bought as a bundle with a DS Doll body. The range that is compatible with the Robotic Head is available at Cloud Climax.

Will the head fit my Doll?

The Robotic Head will have the classic DS Doll fitting and will fit on all of the DS Doll bodies, of any generation. The current sizes that are compatible are 158cm, 158 Plus, 160cm, 160 Plus, 163cm, 163 Plus, 167cm and the 167cm EVO.

Can I pre-order now?

You are able to place a £300 deposit at Cloud Climax here, to secure your First Generation Robotic Head. The balance will be payable upon the release of the Robotic Head for Sale.

I have another question to ask you, can I contact you?

As the Flagship Reseller for the full EX Doll and DS Doll range, you can ask us any question you can think of. We are extremely knowledgeable upon all of our products and we have Customer Support available in several European languages.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team are available to answer your questions. Please email [email protected] or click here