DS Doll Robotics are excited to announce we are partnering with 3dHoloGirlfriend.



3dhologirlfriendWelcome to the future of adult entertainment.

Have a beautiful sexy girl in your home utilising the latest holographic technology.Interact with your girlfriend using only your voice.We are available to make your custom girlfriend to your exact specs.This software utilises AR (Augmented Reality) holographic devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens or the Meta 2.
This is not a Virtual Reality (VR) product. What’s the difference? Augmented Reality devices allow you to interact with holograms in your environment. While wearing AR devices you have full view of your surroundings and holograms are placed in your environment. You are able to get up, walk around and view the holograms from all different angles. VR transports you to another environment where you have a fixed view of the environment surroundings and your are unable to move around in that environment.

3D Holo Girlfriend gets more realistic with AI and Voice Interaction

3D Hologroup Inc has released a Beta version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for it’s industry leading Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality App called 3D Holo Girlfriend.