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You can buy the New Summit, the DS Doll Evolution and Robotic Head right here, right now.

The Summit is Brand New for May 2020 and is a fully connected doll, available in Josie 152 and Queena 168.

The EVOLUTION is a completely remastered body, with added skin texture, sculpted physique and additional beauty.

The Evolution Doll is 100% Compatible with the Robotic Head.

The Clone is

Cyberpunk Clone at DS Doll Robotics

The Summit is


The Evolution is

DS Doll Robotics Evolution Doll

Realistic Feet

The Feet have more definition with veins for realism. There is a new coating applied to give a more natural skin feel.


Beautiful Applied Nails

Veining definition

Realism Skin Coating

Petite Hands

The hands have been remastered to have more detail and to be proportionate to the doll.


Manicured Nails

Realistic knuckle creases

Bones in fingers for posing

DS Doll Evolution Hands
DS Doll Evolution Spine

Spine and Shoulderblades

The Spine and Shoulderblades have been remodelled to have more definition and realism.


Defined spine vertebrae

Shoulder Blade Definition

Remodelled Collar Bones

Available to buy RIGHT NOW!

You can buy your EVO Right now! You can choose from our S Studio Level Make Up faces with your Evolution, Sharon, Leaf, Kayla, Sammi, Cana, Miki and Nell.

DS Doll Evolution Leaf
DS Doll Evolution Sharon
Kayla Sex Doll at DS Doll Robotics
DS Dolls Nell

The Evolution is Now £3495 for a limited time only

Even More Features

DS Doll Evolution Hands

Platinum Silicone

DS Platinum Silicone Dolls are built with a specially formulated silicone skin which give them a life like texture and softness which is far beyond that which traditional mannequins or lesser quality doll makers can deliver.

Innovative Skeleton

We have developed a sophisticated metal skeleton and joining system that not only provides a reliable structural support for the doll but it also allows for full range of motion just like their human counterparts.

The sub system allows our love dolls to be easily positioned into any natural pose and ensures a long lasting working life.

More Information

We have developed a set of special procedures to extract the maximum amount of detail from the original mould. For most parts, predominantly the hands, feet and torso we use real live models to create the master mould for our beautiful Realistic Dolls and Robots.

With our methods, we can extract so much detail from such mould we have to manually remove the natural finger prints from the master mould so as they are not replicated onto each of the realism dolls.

"From start to finish each doll has to process through over 80 production stages and hundreds of hours.Each working stage is carry out by our team of professional sculptors, stylists and cosmeticians to ensure the highest finishing quality."
DS Doll

Team Your EVOLUTION Doll with The Robotic Head

The Ultimate Combination

Don't Forget Your

The Ultimate Combination

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