EX Doll Clone Mao Transhumanism Cosplay Doll


This is a medium weight sex doll

Made to order 12-16 weeks


The Transhumanism Cosplay is now available. A fully functional sex doll with anal and oral capabilities with the transhumanism robotic cosplay suit.
Details as small as 0.03mm on the skin are replicated.
The details are kept fully intact and the closer you get, the more amazing the look.
The blood vessels on the skin are different, the skin has real depth when you look at it.
This is the doll industry as you have never seen it before…
A height that has never before been reached.
Every doll in the CLONE series takes 5 EXDoll senior painters 20 working days of hard work.
The hairs as small as the toes have been included to add to the realism level.
This doll is made to order.

This doll take 12-20 weeks.

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DS Doll, EX Doll

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Body Style

Natural, Petite