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Technology & Innovation

We Foster Education

We want to learn all we can continuously in order that we can continue to bring excellent, innovative products into the marketplace.

We continue to Research and Develop in order that we can put the most up to date reliable technology into our products.

We Pursue Excellence

We want to ensure that you have all the up to date information on the progress of the Robotic Doll project from DS Dolls and EX Doll.

We want to bring these products to our customers in a discreet and friendly way, and we work hard to take the taboo away.

Our Approach


01Research into products based upon ideas and in order to gain information to assist in development

02Development of Product prototypes in order to see if research can be developed into a product to bring to market for consumers

03 Prototype testing and further development in order to ensure the product is ready for production at a large scale.

04 Bringing the product into production for market.

Product Delivery

01 When you place your order we take care of you. Whether you need help to choose, product advice or anything else we are contactable 24/7.

02 When you Checkout on our site all of your details are 100% ironclad secure. We have SSL and are fully GDPR compliant. We work hard to ensure your online safety.

03 You will receive your order confirmation and will thereon have only one member of staff to deal with during your full order. We like to keep a personalised service for all of our customers.

04 Once your order has been manufactured it will be sent to you from our UK warehouse where we will discreetly forward to you on a convenient prearranged day.

Ongoing Discovery

01 We continue to innovate and develop new products to bring to our customers.

02 We endeavour to keep you up to date with all new products and technologies through our email service and updates on our websites.