Ms EX Pole Dancing Robot


16-24 Weeks order to delivery



16-24 Weeks order to delivery

Introducing “Ms EX”, the Future of Robotic Entertainment by EXRobot.

Discover the future of entertainment with Ms EX – the cutting-edge pole dancing robot that sets new standards in the world of interactive robotics. Merging state-of-the-art technology with a stunning aesthetic, Ms EX isn’t just a robot; she’s an experience. Dance to your favorite tunes or let her captivate you with her own rhythmic sequences; she moves with a human-like grace and fluidity that is simply mesmerizing.

Benefiting from the latest in motion control tech, Ms EX boasts multi-joint dynamics, enabling her to showcase intricate dance moves with unparalleled flexibility. From gracefully swinging her arms and legs to elegantly turning her head and twisting her torso, she encapsulates the epitome of robotic mobility.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your nightlife ambiance or seeking an unforgettable highlight for private events, Ms EX is up to the task. With real-time music synchronization, she can groove seamlessly to any beat, making every occasion unique. Beware, her captivating performances can be so enchanting that you might find yourself coming back for more!

Ideal for upscale venues, nightclubs, and hospitality settings, Ms EX is more than just a robot – she’s the star of the show!