Mad Gaze Vader Augmented Reality Glasses with 3D Hologirlfriend 12 month subscription



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Mad Gaze Vader Augmented Reality Glasses with 3D Hologirlfriend 12 month subscription

New in are the Mad Gaze Vader Augmented Reality Glasses at DS Doll Robotics. we have coupled these amazing new Augmented Reality Lenses with a 3D Hologirlfriend 12 month subscription included.

The Mad Gaze Vader come with the following specification: –

1.5 GHz CPU

1280 x 720 resolution

1080p Video

32 GB of storage


OS 7.0

FOV of 45 degrees

1140MAh Battery Capacity

8 Megapixel Camera – HD Lens

HD Recording

Voice Recognition

4 button control

Gesture Control

Ambient Light sensing

Multi Touch Control Panel

Mad Gaze Connector App

How do they work? 
Simply plug the headset into either an Android or iPhone smart phone or tablet and go.  There is no additional hardware needed.
What software can I use? 
Mad Gaze has a growing list of software available in its App Store and supports all other AR software capable of running on an Android or iPhone.  Best of all you can download and run 3D HoloGirlfriend for them!
What kind of warranty do I get? 
There is a 1 year warranty on the Mad Gaze Vader.

Work, Life and Entertainment

Vader is a new generation replacement of laptops and tablets. It is a Head-up Display that you can simply wear for work or leisure. It is ideal for playing games, watching videos, browsing the Internet and working on documents.

Dual Optical Display

Vader’s dual optical display is bright and crisp. Equivalent to 90 inches screen from 3 meters, it intensifies your visual enjoyment by giving you a clear and wide vision.

Gaming and Entertainment

With SLAM technology, a wider display and hand gesture control, gaming has never been this fun. Vader allows you to see and fight off waves of monsters and enemies as if they were right in front of you. It gives you a breathtaking and extraordinary modern gaming experience.

Personal Cinema

Whether you are at home or on a trip, you can immerse yourself in a movie without having to block out the happenings around you.

3D Movies

Vader brings entertainment to the next level. It can also play 3D movies by pressing on the 3D button.

Stay Connected

You can now receive app notifications from your phone and answer phone calls on Vader through Wi-Fi. It allows you to truly multitask and not miss any piece of important information or a call on the same device.


Packed with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Vader can be paired to various wireless Bluetooth devices for better utilisation of its functionalities.

SLAM Technology

SLAM allows machines to have an eye and understand the environment through visual input by recognizing walls, barriers and floors and allowing everything around you to be an element to interact with. By adding SLAM technology to Vader, users can have more interactive and realistic experiences in some apps.

Hand Gesture Control

Manoeuvre, navigate and unlock the possibilities at your fingertips, the hand gesture control function enables better interaction with every touch or swipe.