EX Doll CyberFusion Series Youlia


This is a low weight sex doll

The EX CyberFusion Youlia will take 12-16 weeks to produce. Implanted hair is an option.


Here is  the new release of CyberFusion Series Youlia by EX Doll.
Using industrial-grade self-developed scanning system for collecting her biological data
She is made of new slightly harder wax-like silicone. A slightly increased hardness can not only better maintain keeping the details and textures, and better storage of the dolls.
The life-span of this doll is increased to more than 50 years.
Details as small as 0.03mm on the skin are replicated.
The details are kept fully intact and the closer you get, the more amazing the look.
The blood vessels on the skin are different, the skin has real depth when you look at it.

Height: 168cm

Upper Body Length: 38cm

Lower Bust: 63cm

Shoulder Width: 41cm

Arm Length: 50.5cm

Wrist: 13.5cm

Thigh Length: 46cm

Calf Length: 39cm

Ankle: 19cm

Full Bust Circumference: 81.5cm

Waist: 58cm

Upper Arm Circumference: 23cm

Palm Length: 16cm

Thigh Circumference: 47.5cm

Calf Circumference: 28.5cm

Hips: 86cm

Foot Length: 23.5cm

Weight: 29kg

This doll take 12-20 weeks.