New Videos from EX Robot… The future is almost present!

We have been keeping you up to date on the robotic projects from EX Doll and DS Doll for some time now and here we have the latest update.

There are so many who are eagerly anticipating robotic products from DS and so we have been giving as much information as we can as soon as we possibly can. It is such an exciting project and we have been excited the whole way through.

We have some new videos to release which are pretty telling and we also have some awesome news.

Announcement 1

EX Doll Robotics have partnered with Microsoft in order to use Microsoft AI. This implementation has now been successfully completed, meaning that the robots can speak in 60 languages.

Here you can see the robot “Aiko”. After being communicated to with ‘Hello”, she replies “Hello, I am AIko. I am from E.X. Robot Company”. She looks to have much improved enunciation skills with her mouth formations being very much in time with the speech and her facial expressions are very emotive when she is talking. Her head and neck is turning and moving as she speaks which gives a look of  interaction and expressive narration. This gives the end user a real humanoid communication and the reality of the expressions is something that people relate to and like.

The Artificial Intelligence is set up for reciprocal action and interaction. She will speak back to you as you converse with her and she will give the expressions and movements that you would expect from a real human being.

Announcement 2

Another breakthrough that we can announce is that skin is being trialed with the robotic body and you can see the internal skeleton is being covered to allow for the skin material to be smooth.

She has her facial covering that we have seen before, however this now extends fully over her shoulders and down her chest. New is the smooth white material that is forming her torso. We believe that this is to cover the internal mechanisms and wiring required for the robot at the stage.

We can see that she now has fully formed legs with a realistic look which is a breakthrough we have not seen previously.


DS Doll are closer to releasing their robotics products than ever before. In these videos we see a number of prototypes being showcased and showing several different features with each of the prototypes.

New relationships have been announced with Microsoft to utilise the Microsoft AI within the Robots that are under development.

Watch this space for more information.