EX Doll Summit Series 152cm Jodie Waxwork Real Sex Doll New In


Now Released for sale!

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This is the Ultimate reality sex doll by EX Doll and DS Dolls, brand new to our realistic sex doll collection at Cloud Climax.

You can order your very own Summit Series doll right now!

As you can see, she has: –

  • Special Effect implanted hair
  • Metal skeleton in the toes
  • Metal skeleton in the fingers
  • Real Level Skin
  • Waxwork Level Realism
  • Integrated head, no seamlines!
  • Frontier 3D technology modelling

Height: 152cm

Weight: 30kg

Upper Body Length: 39cm

Upper Bust: 75cm

Lower Bust: 65cm

Waist: 56cm

Hips: 86cm

Shoulder width: 30cm

Arm Length: 48cm

Wrist Circumference: 13cm

Calf Length: 39cm

Thigh Length: 45cm

Upper arm circumference: 22cm

Palm length: 16cm

Thigh Circumference:50cm

Calf Circumference: 29cm

Ankle Circumference: 17cm

Foot Length: 21.5cm


We are the still the ones who masterfully create the best silicone dolls.

We want to give our dolls personality because we hope that one day our dolls will be like people, Can run, jump, even laugh.

The process of making the ideal doll is hard, but the sense of accomplishment gained in the process is equally exciting. With this doll we have introduced bionics when improving the dolls bones. The dolls hand contains up to 62 components. these changes make the flexibility similar to human bones.

This doll has not only a beautiful appearance, we feel she has spirit.

After three years of research and development she is here and ready to launch.

We have remastered the manufacturing of the Silicone Doll completely using 3D printing. We have reconstructed body details and skin details and we are using an integrated head and body design. These changes are about getting one step closer to reality.

The degree of exactness with which this doll is produced is dramatically increased yet again by DS Doll and EX Doll.