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Robotic Sex Doll Head First Generation

Robotic Sex Doll Head First Generation

The price point, we anticipate will be between $1,800 & $2,200 (head only) or £1500 to £1800.
The first version is almost ready for market and is due to be released in early 2018. This will be a head that is able to produce facial expressions, blink, smile, all controlled by an App or a game controller.

This will be suitable for markets across the world as it will not be equipped with technology to speak creating no language barrier. It will be able to play MP3 files, so could play songs or voice recordings. It will fit the existing doll bodies available from DS Dolls, which is ideal for current owners and new owners and keeps the development time down. Ideal for photography and play alike, she may even be equipped with an oral sex function. This is currently still being developed and we do not have more information about this function yet, other than it may include suction.

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